A vegan can’t even post about how emotionally draining being aware of animal cruelty within our animal product over saturated society is without non vegans laughing and calling them stupid and calling us over emotional whingers and mocking our pain.



And the fucking thing is, these are the same people who will be like “Why do vegans hate meat eaters? I respect your lifestyle why don’t you respect mine”


No you fucking don’t respect our lifestyle at all (not that we fucking asked for your fucking respect in the first place,  we would much rather you respect non human animals and stop funding their suffering)

You’ll wait for us to say something your tiny fucking speciesist, anthropocentric minds can’t comprehend and then, eyes set to kill, you relentlessly attack, belittle and harass us. Why? Because we want innocent non human animals to live a life free from oppression, suffering, exploitation and being fucking killed. How fucking dare we, right?

I very infrequently talk about the emotional pain I feel being critical of the vastness of animal cruelty, mainly because it feels like it takes focus away from the real victims, non human animals (because honestly in comparison to what they feel and what they have to endure my depressions is nothing)

Here is one of the very few times I will talk about it:

How fucking dare you.

You have no idea what it feels like for your pleas for compassion to time and time again fall upon deaf ears. To have yourself completely ostracized and alienated from every single aspect of society. Your family, friends, work colleagues. Everyone. To be attacked and mocked almost daily for nothing other than wanting animals to have the right to life. You watch as seemingly loving, passionate people turn into the biggest uncaring bigots as soon as the suffering of non humans comes into question. To watch helplessly as older generations indoctrinate newer generations into not giving the slightest fuck. 

You don’t have a fucking clue what it is like to be reminded of the pain and misery non humans face everywhere you turn. You can’t watch TV without being barraged with 298749 advertisements for products of animal exploitation and suffering, you can’t go outside without seeing people mindlessly consuming products animals were tortured and killed for, you can’t walk down a street without the smell of searing flesh wafting straight up your nose, you can’t go into supermarkets without being inundated with hundreds and thousands of products that remind you of the fucking horror animals go through to end up there, most of which have lovely fluffy packaging with images of happy smiling animals, as if taking absolutely everything away from them is nothing at all. Look at how happy this cartoon cow is! Buy this cheese dipshit, don’t think that maybe an animal spent their entire life in utter fucking misery, who cares, don’t worry about it.

Their suffering,

Their oppression,

Their exploitation,

It is so fucking normalized.

And believing that it is just so accepted is as easy as it is escaping it.


You have no idea how many times I’ve held blade to skin, clenched a fist full of pills, closed my eyes as I crossed the road just fucking wishing that all the knowledge I have of non human suffering would just exit my mind, just for a second.

How dare you

What fucking nerve you have that you can ignore their pain and mock our pain on behalf of them. You have no idea how numb I have to make myself just to be able to get through the fucking day.

Maybe vegans are over emotional whackjobs 

Or maybe,

Just maybe

You are an indoctrinated, uncaring fucking asshole that doesn’t have the shred of empathy it takes to realize that what is happening is beyond fucked up and that compassionate hearts break daily just trying to comprehend this madness.

Stop being so fucking callous about a pain you so clearly can’t understand.


ants are pretty nice for bringing food to their fat mom who lives in the ground


Stop the slaughter of innocent beings.


Stop the slaughter of innocent beings.

seriously considering unfollowing someone for saying they don’t like pizza…



Don’t get me wrong


I get super fucking excited over new vegan products coming on the market but I wish people got even half as excited about doing vegan advocacy work with the public or writing to political prisoners as they do about vegan cheez-its.


Live and Let Live (trailer)

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