Freedom hill Sanctuary is a small, not for profit organization, dedicated to providing a loving home to neglected and unwanted farm animals. They reside in the Adelaide Hills of south Australia on 48 acres of land, but they currently have the opportunity to buy an extra 100 acres of land that just went for sale right next door to freedom hill. This will substantially help them rescue and save more animals, and they will be able to set up an education/visitor centre! Which has been one of their dreams from the beginning.

The aim with the education centre would be to show you the world through the eyes of factory farmed and commercially produced animals. We would like everyone to see the conditions and lifestyles that the farm animal must endure, to hear their plight and then to spend time with each and every one of the rescued beings at the sanctuary. We would hope after a visit that everyone takes time in the future to reflect on what they have experienced in the hope that one day they will consider a life change to their diets.”

but to do this they need some help. They are a small non-profit animal sanctuary, so, they run soley off of the support and donations of people like you and me, they desperately need your help.

Freedom Hill Sanctuary is the first sanctuary of it’s type in South Australia, They do amazing work and the animals they save get all the loving care they could ever need. Going to Freedom Hill, is one of my favourite things. And if you live in South Australia they are having a fundraising picnic on the 29th of September (here is the facebook event) Please, come along.. meet the rescued animals, and please please donate.

They need your help now more than ever, It is kind of a time limit thing, because they don’t want someone else to buy the land before they can manage to raise the funds. If you have any spare money, please donate to them at
If you can’t afford to donate please share, Imagine what a little amount of money could do for so many animals. 

Here is a photo of the land they wish to purchase, 100 acres to make freedom hill a total of 148 acres big :) 
Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to donate, or even to share this post, the animals and I thank you so much.

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